Savoring the Summer!

With so much going on in the world right now, there are so many things that can be said, so many feelings and emotions that are being felt, conversations that are being had, and it seems like nothing is normal anymore. I personally think "normal" is changing, and that's okay too. I don't have much to say this month, but to savor the moments and love always. Love people, love the times spent, love when it's hard, love when it's easy. 
Summertime is usually filled with waterslides and family beach trips. Recently graduated seniors are prepping for first time admissions and dorm room decorations. Although things are different right now, we can still savor the moments! The flowers will still bloom, the birds will still chirp, and that is something I look forward to. The floral prints will still pop, and the denim will still rock!
I am thankful for the passing of the seasons because it is a reminder of growth, and moving time, because you don't get anywhere staying stagnant. So lets make the most of our time and always remember to savor the moments, and love always!


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