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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

I once heard someone say "The only thing that is consistent in life, is change." It has proven to be one of the most truest sayings I have ever heard and I've quoted it ever since. The start of a new year is a great time to set new goals, re-evaluate old ones, and give your self room for upcoming changes! For us, change means growth, and we welcome growth with open arms, because nothing can come from being in our comfort zones. 


As we reflect on this past year, we are grateful for our past relationships and those who have helped along the way. For this upcoming year, we are excited to reach our 2 year mark and celebrate all the curve balls life throws at us! We are excited to see what "old" styles will resurface and how we can bring those back to you in a fun and modern way. We are mostly excited to see how far God is going to stretch JustSkirtz and what new heights we will reach! 


As always, we give a tremendous thanks to all of our wonderful customers because if there were no customers, there will be no JustSkirtz! We hope to bring in the new year with you all, and we are excited for the new customers to join our JustSkirtz Fam! 


Remember the reason for the season, and share this time with friends and family.

With Love,



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